The Practitioner


Krista Wesley

Krista is a compassionate Homeopathic Practitioner. In 2015, she received her 4-year homeopathic education from the Baylight Center for Homeopathy. In addition, Krista is licensed in the field of Occupational Therapy.

Determined to find relief for her son who suffered from an anaphylactic peanut allergy as well as environmental allergies, Krista discovered Allergy Release Technique®. After three years on the A.R.T. waiting list, her son was given the opportunity to be treated by Amy Thieringer, the founder of A.R.T. This life-changing protocol not only eliminated the allergies but treated the Lyme disease which Krista and her three children were struggling with. 

Krista decided to further her homeopathic education with formal training in A.R.T. which is based on the principles of homeopathy. She is now able to share this innovative healing modality with others who are faced with similar challenges.